Berkeley Bowl employees endorse status quo – vote against union

Posted: March 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yesterday, Berkeley Bowl workers voted against a union. When I started this blog, I hoped that it might become part of the conversation around the issue of a union. However, I also vowed not to be interventionist: I would not promote the blog. I would leave it as an open forum for employees to use as they wish. Except for a few comments, the blog never got traction. Perhaps it was never discovered, perhaps it was not useful.

The only action I ever took was to reach out to the key contact from the union in this issue, and I never got a response back.

Well, the votes have been counted, and the employees have spoken. I think it’s important to respect the decision.

I wish the employees and management of Berkeley Bowl the very best future. I thank you all do a wonderful job running the very best supermarket I have ever seen.


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